We are a family run catering company consisting of Terry and Philip Hewitson and have been established since 1984 in Durham City.
We are a public and business caterer providing a wide range of services including:
finger buffets, salad buffets, cocktail buffets, fork buffets, hot buffets, funeral buffets
breakfasts, sandwiches, plated lunches, platters and desserts.

As you can imagine we cater for many different types of events from business lunches to large weddings and if you require further information please view our main website www.eccservices.co.uk
or call us direct we are always happy to help 0191 3863682

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About barbecue caterer

We get hundreds of enquiry's every year regarding our barbecue catering services, so we have decided to create a new website www.barbecuecaterer.com that is dedicated to our barbecue catering services.

The first barbecue we provided was for a business - staff/family fun day we had a 6ft barbecue made especially for the event in Durham and it was a big success with over 70 people attending.
At the event we received many compliments about our food and even though the set up was small it impressed a lot of guests, one particular guest liked our service so much he asked us to provide the barbecue sevice for his wedding the following summer.

After the event we realised how much we enjoyed providing the barbecue service and decided to have a larger barbecue made so we could offer a service for over 150 guests.

The following year we catered for sixteen barbecue events mainly in the Durham area including our first wedding barbecue, the wedding was a big success incorporating our hire services and deco design.

After the success of our first wedding barbecue event we put together a wedding package and started to promote our wedding services at wedding fairs in the Northeast, this was a bigger success than we anticipated resulting in two winter barbecue weddings and eleven summer barbecue weddings.
In the same year our corporate barbecues had also expanded to a new level, we where asked to organize our biggest event to date at Teesside serving four hundred and sixty people with two menu choices during the day and five hundred and eighty people on the night.

To cope with the new demand we had four new 8ft barbecues manufactured this enabled us for the first time to have two separate events on the same day, at the Teesside event we where asked to provide a fully licensed bar service on the night, we had manufactured a mobile bar and managed to serve guests from 6pm until 11pm it was a learning experience providing a bar service but we managed due to our organization before the start of the event and all credit to our staff that worked so hard.

Today we are able to cater for an unlimited amount of guests, if you require any barbecue catering please give us a call we have the experience, equipment, high quality food and we are always competitive with our prices.

Barbecue catering service

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