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A guide to planning a corporate barbecue

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Author: Philip Lee Hewitson

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We plan and help organise hundreds of barbecues every year so as you can imagine we have a good knowledge of what is needed to plan your event.
This is a basic guide of what might be required for your event; finer details will be required when speaking to the people providing each service.

Where to start

In the beginning it's important to have a clear idea of what it is you are trying to achieve and how you imagine the barbecue event to be on the day.
If it's not just you planning the event it is important everybody is involved at this stage, this will give everybody a chance to say what they think is a good idea and a bad idea, the other important factor is what everybody's roles will be in the organisation of the event, this need to be decided from the beginning so everyone knows who is responsible for doing what.
The two main factors that will most likely affect your event are:
Budget and numbers of guests, you will need to keep this in mind at all times.

Finding a venue

Initially this may seem like a daunting task and sometimes it is just depending on what you require, the main consideration is the amount of guests, if you are planning to entertain over 100 guests then you will require a large amount of space, all venues due to fire regulations have a maximum capacity seating and standing, the people in charge of the venue will advise you of the figures.
Try searching for venues in your area using any major organisation will most likely be listed, next try venues then your city name, by now you should have a few on your list.
A good place to find venues is the local newspaper it may not be an advert in the paper but an article or even just a photo of what you are looking for, but the easiest and best way to find a venue is simply getting in the car and driving around the area, at this point you will have a good idea of what your requirements are and by searching the area you are wanting to have the event you will come across many more options you didn't even know about and you could even take a look at the venues on your list while your out and about.

Here are a few options for you to consider:
Halls, universities, stately homes, castles, golf clubs and hotels are the main places

The problem with most of the above is they insist on room hire charges, expensive bar prices, set rules/regulations and expensive in house catering to name a few.
We do events at the above places every year all are different obviously and the events are normally good but again the total cost is always on the expensive side, but there is another way and it can save you money.

If you have a large piece of land or can get access to land space setting up a marquee is a good option, the hire of the marquee generally will be cheaper than a stately home hall hire for example, you will have much more freedom to have the event the way you want it and you can arrange your own suppliers instead of having to use the in house facilities.

Barbecue catering
To make an initial enquiry we will require some basic information, all of this can be changed closer to the time of the event but to give you an idea of cost you will need to know:
Amount of guests
Amount of children
an idea of what food you would like (we can help with this part if required)
Serving times
Once you know all of this we can give you a price in total or per head everything else involved with the catering would be our responsibility so you can now concentrate on planning the rest of the event.

If you are planning your event at a venue with a bar it is most likely they will insist on providing the drinks, you can have a set amount to spend at the bar or have an open bar for guests to freely drink as they please but from our past experience people tend to go over the top at a free bar and sometimes spoil the night not only for themselves but other guests as well.
If you require a mobile bar to be set up we can provide that service with a wide range of drinks, we have a licence to sell direct to your guests if required please contact us for more information.

From bands to discos, budgie jumps to kids entertainers the choice for entertainment has never been so varied, for some events entertainment is not required because the whole point of the day is for people to socialise with one an other or the new product should be everyone's talking point but entertainment has it's place and can be a welcome attraction for your guests.
The main thing you have to think about is the type of guests you are entertaining this is the key to providing an act that will give good value for money and something the vast majority of your guests will enjoy.
We can help with all your entertainment needs we work with many different entertainers every year so let us know what you are wanting and we can point you in the right direction.

Below are some things to remember that may apply to your event
Enough venue space for the people, food and drinks
Tables and chairs
Invitations - send them out well in advance and ask people to reply to say they are attending
Clean up operation - it's most likely after the event a lot of rubbish will need to be dealt with
Enough staff - most suppliers will include this in their price
Parking & transportation