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Fork buffet

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bbq fork buffet
barbecue fork buffets
The fork buffet compliments any of our barbecue menus.
barbecue fork buffet
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Below are more options that work well with the any barbecue menu
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Fork buffet - £8 per head + VAT

Two open Danish sandwiches with various fillings
Freshly baked vegetable quiche
Large grilled chicken and mixed pepper kebab
Oriental selection: I.E.Spring rolls, dimsom's and samosa's
Fresh prawn and rice mixed with prawn cocktail sauce salvin
Tomato and basil pasta bake sprinkled with black pepper and parsley
Garlic bread with cheese and tomato topping
Pasta nicoise salad

We have designed our fork buffet to be flexible so you can create the perfect menu depending on your requirements.
Example: If it's a cold day you might want the kebabs and pasta bake to arrive hot it's not a problem and it doesn't cost any extra.

Adding the fork buffet to your barbecue menu provides you and your guests with a wide selection of food.
The fork buffet compliments our hog and spit roast packages perfectly and looks extreemly appetising together.
Below is an example of what we would suggest when ordering the fork buffet with the hog and spit roast menus.

Hog roast and fork buffet combination example 200 guests
Garden hog roast menu 1 x 200 guests - £730 + VAT
+ Fork buffet x 60 - £432 + VAT

Total £1162 + VAT - only £5.81 per head + VAT
Each guest would have a hot roast pork sandwich and also be able to choose from all the items listed on the fork buffet menu above.

If you require any help or advise please email or call us we are always happy to assist you to make your event perfect.
The barbecue catering service we offer is fantastic by it's self but we are also a well established catering company and we can provide a range of extra food options that work well with any of our barbecue menus.
Above is our fork buffet below is an example of how the fork buffet can be used with the barbecue menus:

Barbecue and fork buffet example 100 guests

Garden barbecue menu 2 - 100 guests - £1160 + VAT
Fork buffet x 30 - £216 + VAT
Total £1376 + VAT - only £13.76 per head + VAT

The main part of your catering would be the barbecue but by adding the fork buffet this give you and your guests more choice.
The combination of mixing the barbecue and fork buffet always works well and looks extremely appetising, if you require any assistance combining the barbecue with our other catering options please give us a ring we are always happy to help and give you advise.

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