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Our vehicles are all refrigerated and signed

All of our barbecues use charcoal so your food is barbecued, not gas grilled like our competitors

We prepare all our own food and use local suppliers

Our staff are experienced, have hygiene certificates and are dressed to a professional standard

We have 5 million pound liability insurance

We work alongside the Environmental Health Authority to ensure our hygiene standards are correct and up to date

We can supply references from previous customers

Our barbecue promotion menus are for businesses and company's wanting to hold a promotion day or event to highlight new or existing products or services.

Our chefs will stay on site for five hours cooking and serving your customers with barbecue food, giving you and your sales team time to talk about your products or services.
This sales promotion is highly effective, give us a call and speak to one of our team about previous promotion events.


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Barbecue catering

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Barbecue catering for
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Small barbecue events

Barbecue weddings

The garden barbecue menus are for small barbecue events and occasions. We offer two garden barbecue menus or you can make a custom barbecue menu using the create your own menu page.
Each garden barbecue menu comes complete with everything you will require including disposable plates, napkins and condiments. Our chefs will set up all the barbecue and service equipment letting you enjoy the party.
We only use charcoal barbecues giving you a real barbecue.
Our wedding barbecue menus are designed for day or night time weddings but if you are planning a formal event we would suggest using the barbecue wedding menus as each menu includes: china plates, steel cutlery and linen napkins.

Having a barbecue for your wedding reception is a fun and relaxed way to celebrate your wedding day, our chefs and service staff will take care of everything you need.
Summer dates fill up fast book early to avoid disappointment

Promotional barbecues

Corporate event barbecues

We specialise in large corporate catering events for small and big organisations in the North of England.
We have six 8 x 2 Ft charcoal barbecues capable of serving thousands of people quickly, our fully trained chefs and service staff are experienced in event catering over the past twelve years.

We have two corporate barbecue menus but you can create a custom menu that is right for your corporate event.

Barbecue catering articles

Our barbecue catering staff have a lot of knowledge and experience from all the barbecue events we have catered for over the years, so we have decided to create a barbecue catering articles page that we hope will inspire you when planning your wedding, birthday party or corporate event.

All the articles have been written by our very own events team, chefs and catering staff so you know the information in each article is going to be useful and accurate.

Barbecue combination menus

We don't just provide barbecue catering we also offer a a large range of other catering options including hog roasts, food stations and buffet catering to name a few.

You can combine any of our services and products to make a very unique catering menu package, on all of our menu pages there are combination menu suggestion but if you have ideas of your own please give us a ring and we will be able to give you a price based on your requirements.


Barbecue catering gallery

One of the main questions our customers ask is what does it all look like when it's set up?
Our barbecue catering gallery has photos from previous events including wedding days, garden party events and large corporate events.
The event photos have either been taken by our chefs on the day or the photos have been sent to us by customers over the years.
We have also included information about the event and menu.

We Don't Just Do BBQ Catering

We are a very well established catering company and BBQ catering is just one of the services we provide to our large database of customers.

We are situated in the North East of England click here for more information but we cover the entire United Kingdom with our outdoor catering services including BBQ's, hog roasts and the newest service - food stations (perfect for corporate events and unique wedding catering.
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